Friday, 31 January 2014

Three Choice more up for grabs!

Well done to Rebekah, Mason and Jayden.  Your Choice Awards have been written and are waiting here for you to collect on the first day of school!

I still have 7 more Choice Awards to give away.  Check out a past post about our Room 14 Nitrotype competition.

If you are in Year 8 perhaps you could explain in the comments box below what Choice Awards are, and what you can earn with them and how many you collected last year.


  1. Last year I started late but I know that Choice Awards are things that teachers give out to students who are working hard or behaving well. The more choice awards you get means more points, which means really cool prizes and awards.- Louise

    1. Thanks for sharing, Louise. A nice brief explanation.

  2. Kaylee Jade Dredge2 February 2014 at 19:50

    A Choice Award is a special piece of paper. You'll get two one blue and one white , the white one you keep the blue one goes to the office , so they can calculate how many credits/points you have.Each Choice Award is worth 2 credits a postcard is worth 3 credits.You start the year on 100 credits.Last year I got 153 credits.
    The prizes and how many credits you need:
    *120-free spin on wining wheel
    *140-free spin on wining wheel
    *150-muffti fridays
    *160-gold club and at the end of the year you get a prize:)

    1. Great explanation, Kaylee! Well done, on getting 153 credits last year...I bet you will be working hard to aim for 160 this year. Thank you for sharing. See you in a couple of days.

  3. Wow, Freyberg is so differant from Ross int,
    I actually miss getting Choice awards from the teachers at Ross.
    Last year I got 197 credits.
    Good luck Room 2, I hope you can beat my Highscore.

    Jesse Hickmott
    Freyberg High School
    Palmerston North