Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Rebekah has family members moving to Auckland


  1. Great :)
    Rebekah, looks like you have an awesome family. :) I like the way you set up the page with a good picture, colourful backround and clear and nice text. Cute baby cousin, how old is she ? On my dads side my family is quite close too. I have 2 cousins that a really close, and 4 others that arn't as close. Also, did your family come over for a holiday or to live here ?
    Zanthy :)
    Ross Intermediate

  2. Hi Rebekah.

    This is a really nice photo. It's cool that your family is so close, but it's sad they're moving.
    At least you will have somewhere cool to go for holidays!
    How old is your baby cousin?
    Are you going to to see them in Auckland anytime soon?

    Ross Intermediate,
    Palmerston North,
    New Zealand.

    1. Hey Louise, She is 15 weeks old now and I think we were thinking about going up at the end of the year :)