Thursday, 28 August 2014

Creative spaces - Playground Blackboards #kidsedchatnz

Last week Mr Aumua put up 6 Blackboards around the school.  Here is a great example of what can be created in this space.


  1. This was such an awesome idea to put up blackboards! This board was the best looking one that people had done around the school! It looked so creative and looked really neat. It had a lot of colour to it. It was awesome how it had different things on it... like quotes, drawings and words that mean stuff to the students at Ross Intermediate. It was sad how we had to rub it all off. But it gives other students opportunities to draw their own things on the blackboards. I thought these were an excellent idea for students to let their creativity run wild around school!

    Keely Puklowski
    Palmerston North
    Ross Intermediate
    Room 14

  2. that was so cool! it must of taken a long time to do but would have used a lot of work. its very colourful and creative

    ross intermediate
    palmerston north