Sunday, 26 January 2014

Room 14's first Nitro Challenge of 2014

It is great to see that we have already had 87 visitors to our class blog.  I wonder how many have had a go at Nitro Type? I wonder who is the best typist from Room 14?
If you are from Room 14 have a try at Nitro Type and then enter your score in the comments box, using the format shown below.  Make sure you include your first name and first initial, e.g. Pia B

The first ten students from Room 14 to share their typing score will receive a Choice Award on Day 1 of the school year....5th's only 10 sleeps to go!

(As I have signed up for a Nitro Type account, my name appears on the leaderboard, you can do this too.)

In the comments box below type in your speed and your accuracy. The less 'nitros' you use the better!

Mrs Bradshaw: Speed 61wpm, Accuracy 96.94%

I look forward to seeing plenty of names in the comment box.

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  1. Rebekah L: Speed 38wpm, Accuracy 96.68%

  2. Mason C: Speed 20wpm, Accuracy 98.31%

  3. Great work, Rebekah and Mason. Choice Awards will be given to you on Day 1. I wonder if anyone else wants a Choice Award?

  4. Jayden B: speed 26wpm, accuracy 98.97%

    1. Great work, Jayden. I look forward to giving you a Choice Award on our first day!

  5. Jenna Henry:Speed 40 wpm, Accuracy 99.12%

  6. Keely Puklowski: Speed 55 wpm, Accuracy 96.78%

  7. Connor Turner speed:24wpm, Acc 97.56%

  8. juliet fakahau: speed: 27wpm Acc: 94.69%

  9. Well done everyone. Choice Awards will be waiting for you tomorrow morning!