Monday, 27 January 2014

Room 14 is starting to take shape...

Room 14 is starting to take shape.

  • Books and games are out ready to be explored and played. 
  • Our Basic Facts Ladder is up - which step will you reach this year?
  • The rules are up...make sure you follow them closely, or it could be 'One Detention' for you! 
  • Desks and chairs are laid out, I wonder who you will sit next to on the first day?
  • NZ and World maps displayed so we can find out where we are in the world...I wonder what countries or towns we will make contact with through "Mystery Skype" and #kidsedchatnz??
I hope you are starting to get as excited as I am about the start of the year....9 sleeps to go!

Oh, and your stationery pack has arrived, this will be given to you at the Introductory Conference next you know what time we will be meeting?

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