Monday, 27 January 2014

Websites to make kids smarter! from @lifehackorg

This one is for the parents... although kids can check these out too!

The Only Learning Resources Your Children Will Ever Need To Be Smarter 

For an explanation of the different websites click here:

You can click on the titles below to go to each website.  Which website did you like the most? In the comments box below, share which website you liked and one thing you liked about it. A Choice Award will be presented to the person with the most descriptive answer)

1. Wonderopolis   2. Miss Spell’s Class

3. Starfall   4. National Geographic Kids


  1. I like the "FunBrain" game the best because you can choose between Math, Reading, Fun Arcade, Playground and all games. I like how the Math section isn't just plan math but it is a game board and you can choose your gender and your skill level. So that is good just incase you are young and your just learning how to do math and they can press on a lower level like 1 or 2, so that it isn't to hard for them. They have set up the site very well so it is easy to find your way around this site.

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    1. It kind of sounds like BrainPOP a bit as well :)

    2. Yes it does a bit : )

  2. I like "BrainPOP", number 11. Several reasons why, you can choose from several different subjects, then say you choose maths, you can choose a type that you would like, then say we choose probability it give you several more game, activities on that subject. Plus the subjects aren't just plain old thing you always learn at intermediate, such as Health, Social Studies,Engineering and Tech, and also Arts and Music, I know we do do some of these things at Ross but not all. Now after all you can play games. The website is easy to navigate your way around. I like this website the most :)

  3. fun brain is a fun game website. You can play math game,arcade game reading,playground and all games. my favourite is the arcade games. mighty guy you got to get to the big car. penguin drop mighty guy water bug rodeo creepy crawler switch extreme air.

  4. In poptropica you have to create a chater next you pick a island their are 38 island you have to get clue to camplet island. Time tanaled island is my favourite island because you can go throw time you got to save the futuer
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