Sunday, 2 February 2014

#gigatownpmn needs our help!

That is right people of Room 14 and their families, Palmerston North needs...US!
Have you heard of Gigatown? Have you signed up for Gigatown?  Have you been tweeting and retweeting about the great things that happen in Palmerston North and why we need 1 gigabyte (really fast) internet.

At the moment Palmerston North is in 7th place.  By creating a twitter account and a gigatown account you can help boost us up to the top 5, where we need to be if we are to be in the running to get fast internet.

For more information visit this website: or keep an eye out for an email from Mr Rutherford about it.


  1. Do we just post a comment with #gigatown?

    1. Hi Kaylee, unfortunately blog comments won't count towards our gigatown tally. I will talk about setting up a Twitter account next week, then you will be able to use that to generate gigatown points.