Sunday, 2 February 2014

Homework Term 1 Week 1 and 2

At the conference you will receive a copy of this week's homework, along with the Ross Intermediate Homework Opt-in/Opt-out sheet.
This will be discussed at the conference, as students may opt-out of doing homework each week, with their parents or caregivers permission.

As it is the start of the year, you will be given 2 weeks to complete this weeks homework sheet.  It is due on Tuesday 18th February.

Each week the homework sheet will be made available on our class blog, just visit the Homework tab.


  1. Thank you Mrs Bradshaw thats very helpful I left my homework book and sheet at school. 'Opps'

  2. That's ok, there was lots to remember today. You have until the 18th February to get it completed. Perhaps you could have a go at the 'Can do' make a snack or meal for a family member or friend and take a photo, then email it to me :)