Sunday, 9 February 2014

Monday morning reminders

Laptops need to be fully charged - 100%
Sunhats - caps or bucket hats (can be purchased from school office) - to be worn at Morning tea, Lunch and during PE. MUST BE NAMED
Camp option sheet - with an option chosen.
Homework opt-in opt-out sheet - signed

Technology is on Tuesday

PE is on Wednesday and Thursday - bring your PE uniform and sneakers/sports shoes

Bring your homework book to school with your homework sheet glued in - I will be checking on Tuesday.  Although you have until NEXT Tuesday to complete the homework tasks.

Be in the classroom by 8.40am otherwise you will need to collect a LATE PASS from the office. Remember: a red late pass is bad, a black late pass is acceptable (Late Bus).

Make sure you have the following applications on your laptop: Pages, Garageband and Keynote.

Is there anything that I have forgotten?  If there is, please add to the comments box below.

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