Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Descriptive sentences - WW1 Trenches

As we are learning about ANZACs and Gallipoli we used a range of photo from World War 1 and the trenches to inspire us to write sentences - using Factual, Descriptive and Thought.  Some people got very creative with the presentation of their sentences.  Here are a couple of examples from Neeve and Jorja.

Five young men, ready to go into battle, crouch in trenches. 
The young men are trapped in the trenches from firing gun shots and dying people. 
"Will we get home or will we be dead by the time the war is over?"

I saw some lovely young ladies relaxing and leaning on an army truck wearing some very warm hospital clothes, they are in World War 1. 
The women are relaxing in the shade because they are very tired. 
"Well, I am so tired, I need to relax by the army truck"

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  1. Good work. I am just about to begin 3 weeks learning about WW1 and Gallipolli and think this is a really good way to learn about the subject. Are these all the photos that your teacher showed you? What photos were the easiest to write about? I might have to try this activity with my class. Thanks for sharing your great work.