Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Factual, Descriptive and Thought sentences

Murray Gadd came to school and he taught the teachers at Ross about teaching writing.

Check out Jenna's "Factual, Descriptive and Thought" sentences:

Factual: There are two men wearing white T - shirts.

Descriptive: The men are both looking in a tiny gap on the old, worn out, brown deck.

Thought: "Oh no am I ever going to find my wife's ring"?

What 3 sentences would you write for this photo?

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  1. Factual: There are two men looking down.
    Descriptive: The men both are searching for something down the dirty, neglected, gap in the damp deck.

    Thought "I knew that playing cards on a deck was a dumb idea"!

    Ross Intermediate,
    Palmerston North,
    New Zealand.