Friday, 14 March 2014

Learning styles: Kathy Hoopmann

Recently,  we have been looking at different learning styles. We read the books "All cats have Asperger syndrome" and "All dogs have ADHD", both books were written by Kathy Hoopmann. After reading we discussed what makes us learn best and what makes it difficult for us to learn.

We found that we had a range of learning styles, some get distracted easily, especially when using a computer and waiting for things to load, others like listening to music, some like quiet environments. Some prefer working in small groups, others like to be left to get on with it and don't like to be stopped mid way through. Some work best when using a pen and paper, others prefer the instant results of a computer. We need to work hard to respect the different learning styles in our class - this may take a bit of patience and practice, but with small improvements every day, we will get there.  Watch this space for future developments!

What can you do to support others' learning styles? What conditions do you need to help you learn best?


  1. Cool I remember we did this in year 7 it was really interesting to find out what learning style and how you best learn.

    Sewlyn House School

  2. We did this in year 7 as part of an inquiry. It was really interesting to find out who was what. I hope you had fun!

  3. I didn't know that dogs have ADHD and cats have Asperger syndrome. Also we did and inquiry like this last year, and I found out that I'm a visual learner.
    Selwyn House School

  4. I remember we did an inquiry into this at the beginning of last year. We took this quiz ( and I found out I am a visual learner, though I like to listen to music while I work. Most of us were a mixture of styles - visual, auditory, and tactile.

    8B SHS