Friday, 14 March 2014

THINK before you post: blog commenting

To the students of 'One 4 All': 

It is great to see the development in Learning Conversations on Edmodo. However, after reading a range of blog comments this evening, I hope the same can be said about Blog Comments, in the near future. This week some people have not been very thoughtful when they have written about other people during Quad blogging.

In future, please take notice of this poster and THINK before you post!

Kind regards, 

Mrs Bradshaw


  1. Rose (Selwyn House School)18 March 2014 at 11:38

    We were taught about cyber safety last week, and we learnt this as well. Its very true that you should do this before you message. We also learnt that if you wouldn't say it face to face, then you shouldn't say it on the internet. What do you think is the most important thing to remember on the internet?

  2. You should ALWAYS think before you post. Sometimes things that you put as a bit of a joke can be depicted as an insult or a something else. Think before you post, don't post before you think.

  3. We learnt about Cyber Safety (As said by Rose) and found out that anything deleted still hangs around. But you can still be safe. :)

    Selwyn House School

  4. This is a very good way to help with commenting :) This should make helpful and nice comments to other blogs!
    And like said above, why should we comment mean things if we won't say it face to face?
    The poster above really has everything about good commenting!
    Victoria 8B SHS :)

    1. I agree Victoria, The think poster is very handy when it comes commenting on Social Networking on Facebook, Twitter, and Texting. Cyber Safety is fun and cool to learn about, it is very helpful.
      Ross Intermediate

  5. I think this is a really good guide and reflects what we learnt last week in Cyber Safety. It's really important to reflect before you post, but I think some of us forget to do this a lot of the time, because the (immediate) repercussions online aren't as serious as face to face.

  6. THINKING :)
    Evelyn 8B SHS