Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Reliever - Blog revived!

After one term in a new town, exploring new schools, learning the lay of the land, I am back blogging. It is great to be back in the classroom, meeting new students, their teachers and school staff.

I have been impressed with the work that I have seen students put together, therefore I wanted a platform to show it off.  As I don't have my own classroom, I thought what better way to share students work, than on the 'virtual wall'. Plus a great way to reconnect with my VLN who I have greatly missed over the last 18months, since becoming a mum.

Everything that is shared on this platform will be done so with the permission of the relevant Principals, Teachers and students themselves.

If you are looking for an experienced reliever, to work with students aged Y5 and above, I am available on Mondays and Thursdays . For further information view my CV or contact me: or call 0272330746

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