Sunday, 8 May 2016

Summing Up - Jigsaw Thinking about Wonder

Over the course of Term 1 we read the book "Wonder" and learnt about Auggie Pullman, his condition and his experiences in starting a new school.  The students in Room 9 at HNI soon got behind Auggie and his friends, got curious about his enemies and started to gain an understanding of what it was like to be different, really different.

This week, after finishing the book over the holidays we summed up Auggie's experiences and reflected on what life was like for someone like Auggie.

Mrs Bradshaw gained ideas for the activities we completed from the Teacher's Notes and this week we answered 6 questions in a 6 groups starting with:

Group four came up this great response to Question 1: He relates to himself with negative things because his whole life he has been treated differently and negatively. He referred to himself as moldy cheeses since in a book the moldy cheese was ignored and not wanted to be touched.

Group one and six came up this fantastic response to Question 2: 
She is described as a very kind Friend to Auggie. She cares about him and doesn't care what anyone else says to her about him. Most people don't like Auggie because of how he looks and his disabilities. People are scared that if they go near him something will happen to them. Saintly is another word Holy and Holy means perfect.

She was described as a saint because nobody else would sit with august for the first day and she went over to sit with him and everybody thought she was brave because she was the only one. A saint is like someone who is brave and summer was brave when she went over to sit with august.

All groups did indepth research on Auggie's affliction, Question 3, here is a response from Group 5: He has lots of different types of disabilities including, cleft palate which means that you have a gap in the roof of your mouth and mandibulofacial dysostosis which results in abnormal shaping of the face and hemifacial microsomia.

A well thought out response to Question 4 was given by Group 3: Not everyone because some people who have the deformities may hate being on show. But it would also count on what type of personality the person has. People may laugh and stare. It could turn into a horrendous situation for the deformed person. Or it could be a great situation and it could change the person’s life. But it mostly counts on the personality of the person and the people around them.

It’s like how she is saying some people are wonder’s of the world just like august. And are rare like august and there is nobody else like them in the world. They are one of a kind not like everybody else.

Question 5 had a range of responses from different groups:
It relates to Auggies situation because she has problems and Auggie has problems.
This song relates to august’s situation because it shows a lot of people similar to him and she has the title of the book.
‘No matter how you look you're still the same’ was a quote in the song and during the school year that august had was like what happened; no one liked him at the start of the year at the end everyone liked him at the end.
It's got parts with people that have deformities and it’s about how you need to see what’s on the inside. The video had deformed children
It’s like how she is saying some people are wonder’s of the world just like August. And are rare like August and there is nobody else like them in the world. They are one of a kind not like everybody else.

Great response from Group 2 for Question 6: Auggie's doctors and have made a big impact in Auggie's life. As they have done many surgeries on him, it has made him more able to breath. If he hadn’t had those surgeries, he probably wouldn’t have lived for as long as we have known he has.

If he was living in the 16th century, he may not have survived for very long.
At the start of the book, when Augie's father is telling the story of how Auggie came to life, it said the the doctors thought he may not have made it through.

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